POWA Screening 8th October ECU Joondalup 7.101

You can find screening information here.
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POWA Screening 8th October ECU Joondalup 7.101

Post by Jaffaza » Mon Oct 02, 2017 4:40 pm

Interviews with Monster girls joined our lineup last week as the new chill-out slot, and dimension W survived its second monthly vote.
This week we vote in a new drama series to replace Orange, and our Sci-fi series, Fractale, and Mature series, Deadman Wonderland, are both up for their first monthly votes, if you want to change three series in our lineup, or ensure the lineup stays the same, come down to POWA this Sunday with an active membership and vote on what we screen.

Once again our AGM is Taking place on Sunday 22nd October in place of our usual screening.
If you have any suggestions or questions about how the club is run or if you have any suggestions of what could be done differently, please contact one of the current committee, message our Facebook or email us at powaclub@gmail.com.
We are also looking for members who would like to become part of the committee for year 2017/2018, if you are interested, or would like to know more about the roles available please contact a member of current committee.

Membership can be purchased or renewed at the screening,
only members get to vote on what we watch so make sure your membership is current.
Your first time to POWA is free.

Doors open at 2:30PM in ECU Joondalup room 7.101, screening begins at 3PM. Make sure to get in a bit earlier to grab some snacks and settle in.

This Week's Screening

3:00PM - Sakamoto Desu ga? Episode 11
3:30PM - Interviews with Monster girls Episode 2

4:00PM - Short break and Voting for New Drama Series

4:15PM - Fractale Episode 4 - Voting
4:45PM - New drama series Episode 1

Dinner Break

6:00PM - Deadman Wonderland Episode 4 - Voting
6:30PM - Dimension W Episode 9

We hope to see you then!

Facebook event details can be found here - https://www.facebook.com/events/2012384 ... n_history=

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