Code of Conduct

1) As a courtesy to all other attendees of the screening, we ask that you please turn your phones off or on silent to not distract anyone around you.

2) Please clean up after yourself, we have to be mindful that the university does not expect to clean up after our screenings or events, nor is it fair for other members of POWA to clean up after you. We would hate to impose a no food and drink ban at screenings.

3) NO SPOILERS! We encourage interaction between our members however please realise that not everyone will have watched, read or played the same things as you. It is incredibly disappointing when a favourite series of ours is ruined and we do not want any reasons for resentment within our community. Please feel free to discuss relevant plot points but we ask that you do not spoil anything, the room is not so large that someone from across the room won’t hear you. Please, NO SPOILERS.

4) Please try to keep noise during screenings to a minimum, we gather to watch anime and allow multiple breaks between for conversations. We also have a Discord server for discussion during screenings. If you need an invitation, ask during one of the breaks or message the POWA Facebook page.

5) POWA’s weekly screenings are set to have a good variety of content across different genres. We ask that negative opinions be kept to yourself. Over-vocalisation of dislike of a series/movie can make other members feel embarrassed or upset for liking a particular series and we aim to grow the community and not alienate our members.

6) While POWA is impressed by and encourages members to come to screenings in cosplay, we cannot allow the use of, concealment of, or procurement of, any weapons props or paraphernalia. This is strictly prohibited as POWA Screenings and events abide by ECU’s OH&S regulations. Feel free to bring pictures to show but leave the props at home. We would also hate for any damage to come to your cosplay while at POWA.

7) Be aware of others. POWA is a community of people with a shared interest, meaning that everyone is considered equal at POWA. Sexually inappropriate, racist, derogatory or defamatory comments will not be tolerated and action will be taken by committee members if necessary. POWA is a community for everyone to be friendly so please be mindful of other attendees both in person and on POWA’s social media.

And most importantly we hope you enjoy yourself, we try our hardest to ensure we can all enjoy the anime, fun and friendship

You can view a print-friendly copy of the code, here.

Discord Code of Conduct

Additionally, our Discord server has its own Code of Conduct. These rules apply to POWA’s expanding online presence and are just as important as the ones above. 

1) Be considerate to others. POWA is a community and safe space for everyone so sexually inappropriate, racist, derogatory or defamatory comments will not be tolerated.

2) Be aware of the channel you are posting in. Stick to the topics of each channel and understand where certain content may be inappropriate.

3) Content considered inappropriate for a regular POWA screening such as NSFW content is not appropriate here.

4) Keep spam to a minimum. Do not advertise in any group, and keep repetitive usage of images, gifs and links to a minimum.

5) Most rooms work under a no-spoiler policy, so try to keep discussions of plot points in regular channels broad and relevant, using spoiler tags when needed.

6) Keep discussion fair and reasonable. While debate is good, name calling or over-vocalisation of dislike for a series, movie etc. causes unnecessary alienation and will be dealt with accordingly.

7) POWA does not condone the sharing or use of pirated content. Do not ask for or share links to pirated content within the POWA group channels.

8) If there is ever a problem within this server, please contact a mod or Committee member. This includes seeing rules being broken or wanting to suggest a change to the server. Trying to solve a problem yourself will only cause issues and confusion in the future.

9) Creating and joining the POWA groups with more than one account for any reason creates unfair advantages for games and moderation issues. Doing so will result in the accounts being banned, and continued creation is a bannable offence.