POWA strives to bring together a fun loving, enthusiastic anime community that gets together every week to both watch shows and hang out. If you want to check us out, your first screening will be free, with the opportunity to win our weekly door prize raffle.

If you stick around for more, entry costs $5 each visit, although becoming a member for the price of $10 a year will get a discount entry of $4 each visit plus a variety of other benefits.

Member Benefits

  • – Screening entry fee is dropped from $5 to $4.
  • – Voting rights that allow you to choose what shows we watch.
  • – Invitations to club events and special screenings.
  • – Discounts from our various sponsors.
  • – Access to our library of anime DVDs and manga.
  • – Access to member exclusive chat rooms on our Discord.
  • – Voting and discussion rights at our General Meetings held throughout the year.
  • – A membership card to prove your access to all of this.

Member FAQ

How do I join?

You can sign up to POWA at any of our screenings or events. You can also print our membership form at home.

If you print from home, you can make your payment and collect your membership card at your first screening/event.

What’s the entry fee for a POWA screening?

Our regular entry fee, which allows you to watch anime along with us and gain a chance to win our weekly door prize varies depending on your circumstance:

  • First timers – Free
  • Guests – $5
  • Members – $4
  • Cosplayers* – Free

*Cosplayers are limited to one free entry per costume. Please also note that props are not to be brought onto the Campus. The University has very strict rules in this regard, and we would also hate for anything to be damaged at one of our events (POWA accepts no responsibility for any damages).

Is there a discount available for entry fees?

Yes, with the POWA Screening Card! Purchasing a POWA Screening Card will settle your entry for 12 screening visits for the price of 10 ($40 for members $50 for guests)! Save your wallet the struggle of carrying all those coins and carry a Screening Card instead.

Screening Card

How old do I have to be to attend?

POWA requires that you be over the age of 15 to attend our screenings. People under the age of 18 must additionally have a parent or guardian filled out an Underage Consent Form before they can attend a screening.

POWA does not screen inappropriate or R18+ content outside of specially designated events. However, and with all due care, not all material screened is legally classified in Australia.

What kind of room does POWA screen in?

As POWA is in a transition phase to a new screening room, please give us time to update the answer to this question.

Does POWA have a code of conduct?

Yes. It is encouraged that new members read and understand these rules to make all our events pleasant and safe for our community.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us or message us on Facebook.