POWA is an anime club based north of Perth on the ECU Joondalup Campus in Building 7, Room 101.

We screen anime weekly on Sundays from 3PM – 7PM, but also host a variety of additional events and get-togethers. Ask a committee member, or visit our Facebook page to see our upcoming events!

While you don’t need to be a club member to watch with us, becoming one will grant you cheaper entry to screenings, voting rights on the anime we screen, discounts from our various sponsors and more.

Got a question? Contact us, message us on Facebook, or join our new community Discord.

POWA Anime Club Annual General Meeting 2019, 20th October

Location: ECU Joondalup Room 7.101

POWA’s committee comes to its last week of being in office for the 2018/2019 POWA Season, so the POWA committee meet at ECU Joondalup to, one last time, go over what had occurred over the last 12 months and say goodbye to their jobs.

Immediately following the various reports and recaps, the new POWA Committee will be voted upon by the POWA Membership population. This new committee, which will lead the club during the last of 2019 and for most of 2020, will be selected only by Active POWA Members.

This means that only active members of POWA, with an up-to-date card, will be able to attend this meeting. If you do not have a valid membership card, please contact POWA ahead of the meeting on Sunday to have one arranged for you when you enter the room.

We welcome any and all questions from the attending members during any state of this process – if you have queries about how the club was run in the last 12 months, time is arranged for questions and answers throughout the night about nearly every topic – including the new Committee election.

If you are unable to attend the meeting, but have something that you want mentioned at the meeting, please get in contact with the POWA Committee some time in advance, and we will open the topic to discussion even if you are not there. However, we do not allow Proxy voting, so if you want to have a say in the new Committees appointment, you must be in attendance.

The order which we plan to run the meeting roughly follows –

– What happened since our last meeting
– The President’s personal report of the last year
– The Treasurers personal report of the last year
– Anything else of mention of the last year
– An open forum, where we discuss the last year with attendees
– New Committee nominations, Question and Answers, and Voting
– Dinner Break, new Committee discusses in private their jobs and Goals
– Farewell of old Committee, and the introduction of the new Committee

If time allows after the above events, which may all take up several hours of time, we will screen some Anime to cap off the night.
Doors will open for this event at 12, Midday, on the 20th. We hope to start the meeting at about 12:30, but cannot say for sure how long the meeting may run – however, the night itself will end at 7PM, as is standard. So, too, is our standard location of room B7.101 at ECU Joondalup being used.

This event will be a FREE event, and no entry is required – although we will not be offering a Raffle prize for the meeting.

Drinks, Snacks and Membership will, as always, be available for purchase during the screening.

We hope to see you there!

Details for the Facebook event can be found here.

POWA Screening, 13th October 2019

Location: ECU Joondalup Room 7.101

Back to POWA after our week break because of Madfest – and back to ECU Joondalup after the Makoto Shinkai screening at ECU Mt Lawley on the 12th.

To get everyone caught back up with our lineup – there was no voting last week, so while our lineup remains unchanged, two of our shows are approaching their end – our Action, Assassination Classroom, is at episode 20 of 22, and our Sci-Fi, Princess Principal, is at episode 11 of 12.

This week does bring with it some voting, though – our Chillout, Laid-back camp, reaches its second and final vote. Assassination Classroom would have been voted upon this week, but it is a 22 episode series and so its last vote was back on its 16th episode.

Remember that only those who have an active and up-to-date POWA Membership have the right to cast votes on our lineup – if your membership has expired, or you wish to purchase membership for the first time, you can do so during the event for $10 – although, if you attend out Makoto Shinkai screening on the 12th, you will be able to purchase it for half price.

On top of membership, Drinks and Snacks will be available for purchase during the screening.

We will be using room 7.101 at ECU Joondalup – doors will open at 2:30, and the screening itself will start at 3:00. Ensure you arrive early enough to buy snacks and food, as well as get settled.

We hope to see you there!

This weeks schedule:
2:30 – Doors Open

3:00 – Princess Principal – Episode 11

3:30 – Laid-Back Camp – Episode 8 (Voting!)

4:00 – Short Break

4:15 – Ancient Magus Bride – Episode 15

4:45 – Hinamatsuri – Episode 6

5:15 – Raffle Draw, then Dinner Break

6:00 – Parasyte – The Maxim – Episode 18

6:30 – Assassination Classroom – Episode 20

Details for the Facebook event can be found here.

POWA Movie Outing – Rascal Does Not Dream of a Dreaming Girl, Oct 10th, 2019

Location: Event Cinemas Innaloo

POWA Goes back to the Cinemas to catch the direct film sequel for last year’s hit series “Rascal Does not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai”.

“Rascal Does Not Dream of a Dreaming Girl” is only at Innaloo cinemas one week only, and so we put the time we should see it to a poll – POWA Members have decided on Thursday, the 10th of October, and catching the 6:40PM Screening.

This time and screening will be on opening night for the film – so it must be stressed that the screening may be busy. We highly recommend arriving with plenty of time to spare so you can buy a ticket, as seats may not be available for late arrivals, as well as drinks or snacks, since the lines may be long.

POWA Cannot guarantee tickets or discounts for this screening, so if you arrive late you may well miss out entirely.

“In Fujisawa, where the skies are bright and the seas glisten, Sakuta Azusagawa is in his second year of high school. Blissful days with his girlfriend and upperclassman, Mai Sakurajima, are interrupted by the appearance of his first crush, Shoko Makinohara. For reasons unknown, he encounters two Shokos: one in middle school and another who has become an adult. As Sakuta finds himself helplessly living with Shoko, the adult Shoko leads him around by the nose, causing a huge rift in his relationship with Mai. In the midst of all of this, he discovers that the middle school Shoko is suffering from a grave illness and his chest scar begins to throb…”

We hope to see you there!

Details for the Facebook event can be found here.