POWA at Joondalup Library FAQ

After over a decade at ECU Joondalup, the POWA Anime Club will be moving home! Starting from this Sunday, May 30th we’ll be meeting every week in the Joondalup Library upstairs meeting rooms (Room 1/2). See the event for our return here.

The tl;dr of it is that because of the loss of our ECU Student Guild affiliation, we are now hiring a room with the Joondalup Library. It’s rather small and POWA will have to change its pricing to accommodate hiring costs, but it is a stable location!

For more comprehensive details of our new home, we have compiled the questions of our community into this list of frequently asked questions.

Q: Where is the Joondalup Library?
A: The library is located on the corner of Lakeside Dr and Boas Ave. In the heart of the city of Joondalup, it’s just a 5 minute walk from the Lakeside Joondalup shopping centre.

Q: What does the room look like? How big is it?
A: The rooms have a simple, flat meeting room layout. At 6.3m x 6m, the room is much smaller than the lecture theatre POWA is used to. As room 1 and 2 are separated by a removable wall, the size of the room can increase to 12.6m x 6m at additional hiring cost, if it is deemed necessary for the club. You can find more details on the rooms here.

Q: How is the seating in the room?
A: The room has 23 chairs, along with trestle tables. As POWA spends time at the library, we hope to develop seating plans to accommodate for various seating arrangements e.g. having some seats behind tables, bringing bean bags, allowing room for attendees to bring their own chairs etc.

Q: Because of the room’s size, will POWA be limiting the amount of people allowed at screenings?
A: While the room capacity is limited, POWA is not currently planning to set a hard limit to the number of attendees. That said, if there are no seats available, people will have to stand.

Q: Why will there be a price increase for entry?
A: POWA is renting the room at a cost of $17 per hour. In order to keep a stable balance between our income and our spending, POWA is currently planning to increase the price of our entry to $4 for members and $5 for guests. This will also mean that the cost of our screening cards increase to $40 for members and $50 for guests. There will still be a raffle ticket given upon paying for entry.
Do keep in mind that in this time, nothing is set in stone and the POWA Committee is willing to hear and try other solutions to balance the books.

Q: Will people be paying entry at the library entrance or in the room itself?
A: Like before, the payments will be handled by POWA itself, in the meeting room we are located in.

Q: Will POWA still be selling food and drink at the screenings?
A: Yes! All prices and items should remain relatively stable to what POWA was offering pre-hiatus. In addition, there is a kitchen that we are free to use during our rental period. This includes a fridge and kettle.

Q: How’s the parking and public transport at the library?
A: The library boasts a large car park, which is free to use on Sundays. Along with Lakeside Joondalup, the library is located a short distance from Joondalup’s bus and train station, as well as all the parking that comes with them. Bus stops can also be found just in front of the library itself. You can find more details on the library’s parking here.

Q: How will the library’s opening and closing hours affect the running of POWA?
A: POWA will now have to open its doors at the same time the library does – 1pm, and be packed up and out of the building by library close – 5pm. In order to fit our full, sx anime line-up into this limited time we have done away with our long break. Set-up and pack-up will be more time sensitive, so if you’re in the room, we may ask for help.
Check the posts of upcoming events for an exact schedule.

Q: What about “Come to POWA Early” events? Or additional events like Game Days?
Unfortunately, due to limited library opening hours, the “Come to POWA Early” initiative will have to be suspended for the foreseeable future. Once we’ve established ourselves in our new location, POWA hopes to use the earlier end time of our weekly screenings to do activities around Joondalup post-meeting e.g. bowling, seeing a movie.
Some extra events can continue as is in the library. Groups already book board game days there, so our own board game events would fit right in. For larger events, single day room hire in other locations, such as ECU Joondalup, will be an option – with any money needed gathered through fundraising.

Q: What about POWA Memberships?
A: POWA memberships and the process behind them are currently unchanged. Everyone who was a member before the start of our most recent hiatus will have 2 months added to their memberships to make up for missed time.
As our relationships with our sponsors remains unchanged, member benefits such as the discount at Shumi Shop remain the same.

If there are any additional questions you have, please feel free to contact the POWA Committee through regular channels such as;
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/POWAClubAU/
Discord: https://discord.gg/jF4A4tn
Email: powaclub@gmail.com

POWA Returns at Joondalup Library, 30th May 2021

Location: Joondalup Library, Room 1/2

POWA is back from hiatus in a brand new location!

We’ll be picking up right where we left off – both in our line-up of anime shows AND our wonderful community in Joondalup. While there’ll inevitably be a lot of differences in the library venue, we hope that the community’s continued support will allow us to have keep having fun together.

POWA will be screening out of Room 1/2 on the library’s second floor. We know there will be a lot of questions regarding the new location, so we’ll be taking all the big ones we see throughout this next week to make an FAQ post before the big day!

Entry for this week’s screening will be free! In the week following, we will be upping our entry price to $4 for members and $5 for guests. Our doors will open at the same time as the library – 1:00PM and we will start screening at 1:30PM, leaving you time to find our new room and settle down with some drinks and snacks.

This Week’s Schedule:
1:00PM – Library Doors Open
1:30PM – Ascendance of a Bookworm – Episode 14 (Slice of Life/Romance/Arthouse, Final)
2:00PM – The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. – Episode 7 (Comedy)
2:30PM – Yona of the Dawn – Episode 14 (Fantasy)
3:00PM – Break & Raffle Draw
3:15PM – Durarara!! – Episode 19 (Drama)
3:45PM – Psycho-Pass – Episode 13 (Mature/Horror/Thriller)
4:15PM – Assassination Classroom Second Season – Episode 10 (Action)

The Facebook event can be found here.

We hope to see you there!

POWA GM & Spring Seasonal Preview, 2nd May 2021

As POWA is still on hiatus, we continue with our online events. Be sure to join our Discord to learn more.

From our Discord, we will be having our Second Quarterly General Meeting, and a very important one at that. The committee will discuss with the community the situation which brought about our break from the ECU Student Guild and concrete plans for our meeting location going forward.

While we’re unsure how long the GM will last, we’ll fill the rest of the evening with a look at the first episodes of some anime currently airing in the spring season! Look at the schedule below for what we’ll be watching and when we’ll be watching it. If the GM goes longer than an hour, shows may have to be cut.

This Week’s Schedule:
12:00PM-??? – Second Quarterly GM on the club’s future
1:00PM – The World Ends With You: The Animation – Episode 1
1:30PM – Super Cub – Episode 1
2:00PM – Those Snow White Notes – Episode 1
2:30PM – Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song- – Episode 1
3:00PM – I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level – Episode 1
3:30PM – Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro – Episode 1
4:00PM – Shadows House – Episode 1
4:30PM – SSSS.Dynazeon – Episode 1
5:00PM – The Romcom Where The Childhood Friend Won’t Lose! – Episode 1
5:30PM – To Your Eternity – Episode 1
6:00PM – 86 – Episode 1
6:30PM – Mars Red – Episode 1
7:00PM – Let’s Make a Mug Too! – Episode 1 (Short Episode)

The Facebook event can be found here.

We hope to see you there!