SGM for Constitutional Amendment, 6th November 2022

As announced at POWAs last few screenings, POWA’s 2022/2023 committee has decided to propose amendments for the POWA Constitution and as such, have announced a Special General Meeting to take place on the 6th November 2022.

This meeting will be held starting 1:30pm Sunday, held at Joondalup Library’s upstairs meeting rooms.

The proposed amendments, highlighted in yellow in version 4.2, are now available for viewing with this link.

For a reference point to previous Constitutions, here is the current version, in 4.1.

For an outline of what has been changed;

Section 6.II has had a reference to “Students” removed.

Section 9.III.i has had a reference related to Edith Cowan University removed.

Section 9.III.ii has been added.

You must attend the SGM to vote for or against the proposed amendments to the constitution. You must have an active POWA membership to attend the SGM, but be aware that Membership can be purchased at the table before the meeting starts. We will not be discussing the changes to the constitution at the SGM, so be sure to read and understand the changes ahead of time.

As always, feel free to reach out to the committee should you have questions either via Facebook, Discord, or by emailing us at

Do note that POWA’s AGM will be held on the same day. For information regarding that meeting, please see here.

POWA Fanzine Project

POWA is working on a big collaborative project, open to all members of the community!

We are looking for articles, reviews, essays, short stories, art and everything in between – anything related to our love and passion for anime, otaku or general fandom culture. We’re hoping to compile the various efforts by the community into a regular magazine, published both online and in print.

It will be a great way to share with other members of the community, stretch creative and analytical muscles and create a time capsule of the year each volume is published. All content will be wholly owned by its creators and they will be credited however they choose to be.

The POWA Committee will serve as editors for the project and will work with members to finalise every idea brought to us. Exact plans for the length and format will be decided as community members bring forward content.

Discussion of ideas, suggestions and progress on Fanzine content will be ongoing in the #powa-creates room of our Discord server. We welcome all ideas and content, provided it fits within POWA’s content guidelines!

Below is an example of what a fanzine from POWA could look like, including ideas for content the community could offer. Please note that neither the layout of the magazine itself nor the article example inside is necessarily representative of the final version.

The Great POWA Mascot Quest

POWA is on the hunt for a new mascot and we need YOU to help us!

We’re looking to make a design that fits with the POWA community so we’re going directly to them. What would make your perfect POWA mascot? What would they look like? How would they act? You can answer these questions, as well as provide visual references in this survey.

The POWA Committee hopes to gather responses and analyse the likes, trends and ideas in order to create a character reference sheet that can be given to a professional artist. The timeline of this project is TBD, so feel free to think about your responses before you submit!

Discuss, ask questions and throw ideas around in the #mascot-quest room of our community Discord server.