POWA Hall of Fame

As POWA has screened for over 10 years, numerous celebrations of our history and anime in general have taken place. Here you can find retrospectives and competitions which do just that – made by and for the community.

POWA 10th Anniversary

From February 24th to May 5th 2019, the POWA anime club celebrated 10 years of screenings with the Tournament of POWA. A series of polls were held to ask members old and new which of the 100+ shows we’ve watched captured their hearts and minds more than any other.

Year End Retrospectives

Starting 2019, the POWA Committee have put together packages to remind members of the shows we watched in the previous year.

MAL Fantasy League (MALFANS)

Since the autumn 2019 anime season, POWA has held a seasonal competition to guess the highest rated MyAnimeList shows of the season. Based the idea of Fantasy Sports Leagues, each player picks a “team” of anime with the goal of getting the highest average score (weighted by the order they are picked in). View the details and rules of our MAL Fantasy League here.

The following links will take you to the Google Sheets used to calculate the results. The “Scores” tab shows the final calculated scores of the participants, while the “Season” tab shows the MAL ratings the anime received at the end of the MALFAN season.

Character Polls

POWA has held a number of polls with various communities to decide the best characters in different categories.

AMV Spectaculars

Since 2019, POWA has held special screenings to celebrate the incredible world of Anime Music Videos (AMVs). The AMVs we watch are submitted by members of the POWA community.
Below are YouTube Playlists of the chosen AMVs for each year. Some AMVs have been removed by YouTube. If you cant find an AMV that you recall, contact the POWA committee for assistance.