Screening Guidelines

POWA takes great care to understand its audience and community while we choose anime to nominate and air. As we are a 15+ club, our regular event will always be limited to MA15+ content as rated by the Australian Classification Board.

However, POWA also understands that having a club open to the public means we must be aware of certain “Strong Impact” content the MA15+ rating allows for animation. In addition to this, while the Classification Board tries to thoroughly rate all content available for streaming in Australia, international sites such as Crunchyroll may not be as regulated.

With that in mind, while some exceptions may exist, POWA typically aims for the following classifications for content we screen:

Themes: Themes, if strong, should be justified by context.
Violence: Moderate violence is permitted, if “justified by context”. Sexual violence should be very limited and justified by context.
Language: Aggressive and very strong coarse language may be used but it should “not be exploitative”.
Drug Use: Drug use may be depicted, but not in an “advocatory manner”.
Nudity: Nudity is permitted, but in a sexual context it should “not be exploitative”.
Sex: Sexual activity should be discreetly implied, if “justified by context”.

All information is sourced from the Classification Board Website.

Do keep in mind there can be exceptions made to these at the Committee’s discretion.

If POWA feels the limits are pushed too far, the content may be available to screen at a specifically advertised 18+ event that will require photo IDs.