POWA AGM and Election, 24th October

Location: Joondalup Library, Upstairs Meeting Room

This year has finally come to an end for the 2020/2021 committee.

And, as such, POWA hosts this year’s Annual General Meeting – during which the committee will once more go over what happened not just in the last quarter, but the last 12 months of POWA.

After looking back on the year in this AGM, POWA’s 2020/2021 committee will say goodbye to their positions on the committee and hold POWA’s annual committee election – where the community will vote on a new set of representatives to operate POWA.

Both the AGM and the POWA Election will be held at Joondalup Library, in the upstairs meeting rooms, and the meeting will run in our standard timeslot – 1:00pm to 5:00pm, Sunday.

This event is a member-only event, and you must have an active POWA membership to attend. If your POWA Membership has lapsed or you wish to purchase it for the first time, please do so at any of our regular screenings in the runup to the AGM or, if you are unable to make it down to any before the AGM, inform the committee directly and we will have a prepared membership for purchase upon your entry to the room.

This event will be FREE to attend – no raffle prize will be offered, but food, drinks and memberships will be on sale for attendees.

If you want a topic at the AGM discussed but wont be able to make it to the meeting itself, contact a committee member, the facebook group or our gmail and let us know – we will discuss the your topic during the meeting.

POWA changed its constitution and election guidelines in late 2020, and these changes affect how this AGM and Election will run. If you need a refresher on the constitution or the guidelines, both can be found here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1YZ7eusIFkuIJkRPdtse9WhGigyzfRssd

If you want to nominate yourself for a spot on the committee, email us directly at POWAClub@gmail.com with your name and your expression of interest. If you are unable it to make the meeting but want to nominate yourself, you may do so in absentia. There will be additional steps to fulfil, but you will be able to run.

You may not vote on the committee in absentia – only members who attend this meeting may vote during the committee election.

If you have any questions, please contact us at our Facebook, Discord, Gmail or any of our meetings.

We hope to see you there!

The Facebook event can be found here.

Retro Movie/OVA Month on POWA’s Discord

Following on from our month-long celebrations of Gundam and Evangelion, POWA is trying something different for the month of October. We’ll be looking at 4 very different movies and OVAs from the mysterious world of the pre-2000s, watching along on our Discord server.

As we’re reaching for a combination of well-regarded classics and lesser-known picks, we’ll be watching from a variety of services, using Metastream to sync up for everyone. As always, it’ll be easy to sync up your own copies of the movies too.

Every watchalong will start at 7pm:

  • Ghost in the Shell (1995) on Amazon Prime Video – Saturday, October 2nd
    • A cyborg policewoman and her partner hunt a mysterious and powerful hacker called the Puppet Master.
  • New Dominion: Tank Police (1993) on HiDive – Saturday, October 9th (Ep 1-3) & Saturday, October 23rd (Ep 4-6)
    • The year is 2016. The place is New Port City. The Tank Police are waging a desperate war on crime, and their tactics are highly questionable.
  • Ruin Explorers (1995) on HiDive – Saturday, October 16th (Ep 1-4)
    • Fam and Ihrie must team up with a rag-tag team of “Ruin Explorers” to find the Ultimate Power and save the world from destruction.
  • Robot Carnival (1987) on Crunchyroll – Saturday, October 30th
    • A collection of short stories, made by different animators with “robot” as the working title.

We hope to see you there!

Fate/Grand Order Paladin Agateram POWA Movie Outing

Location: Event Cinemas Innaloo
Date: August 27th
Time: 4:15PM

POWA is going to the cinemas to see the next piece of the Fate Grand Order anime puzzle, the second in a pair of movies tackling the Camelot Singularity from the hit mobile game! As you may remember, we saw the first movie in April.
The movie starts at 4:15pm, but as we cannot book ahead, we cannot guarantee seats in the cinema. Ensure that you arrive early enough to purchase your tickets at the counter so you don’t end up disappointed.

Movie Synopsis:
“Jerusalem, 1273 A.D. Here, both the wandering knight, Bedivere, and Chaldea’s own expedition find the Sixth Singularity. The residents of this desolate land have been driven from their homes as three opposing powers battle for control of the land.
Bedivere and company seek the help of the Mountain People to rise up against the Lion King and the Knights of the Round Table and combat their slaughter of innocents. After a deadly struggle and the loss of a dear friend, the group approaches Ozymandias, the Sun King, whose incredible power could help them turn the tables. In the halls of this great pharaoh, they desperately seek an alliance. Ozymandias, however, reveals the Lion King’s plans and refuses to assist in foiling them, instead wishing to protect his own people.”

Need to catch up on the ‘Fate Grand Order’ story? Check out the multiple anime available on Funimation.

Learn more about the movie on Madman’s website.

The Facebook event can be found here.