Fate Grand Order Wandering Agateram Movie Outing

Location: Event Cinemas Innaloo
Date: April 8th
Time: 7:00PM

POWA is going to the cinemas to see the next piece of the Fate Grand Order anime puzzle, the first in a pair of movies tackling the Camelot Singularity from the hit mobile game!
The movie starts at 7pm, but as we cannot book ahead, we cannot guarantee seats in the cinema. Ensure that you arrive early enough to purchase your tickets at the counter so you don’t end up disappointed.

Movie Synopsis:
The wandering knight, Bedivere, reaches the end of his journey.
The year is A.D. 1273 in Jerusalem.
The Holy Land has been transformed into a massive desert, the people have been forced out of their homes, and three major powers wage war with each other in this wasteland.
The Knights of the Round Table come together to protect the Holy City and their Lion King. With the whole of his kingdom summoned into a strange land, Ozymandias, the Sun-King, quietly plots against the tyranny of this bizarre realm.
The mountain people, protectors of those who were stripped of their land, await their chance at rebellion. In order to fulfill his mission, Bedivere heads for the Holy City where the Lion King rules. There he meets humanity’s final Master, Ritsuka Fujimaru, who has come to Jerusalem, accompanied by his Demi-Servant, Mash Kyrielight, in their quest to restore human history.

Need to catch up on the ‘Fate Grand Order’ story? Check out the multiple anime available on AnimeLab.

Learn more about the movie on Madman’s website.

The Facebook event can be found here.

POWA Movie Outing – Earwig and the Witch, 13th February

Location: Event Cinema Innaloo

POWA is going forward with that delayed movie outing to see Studio Ghibli’s newest film – “Earwig and the Witch!”Although a poll is the usual deciding factor in choosing the time for POWA to make the outing, this cannot be the case this time as there is only a single option open to us at this time.

The option in question is the 10AM screening on Saturday the 13th at Event Cinemas Innaloo – as always, we highly recommend that you arrive with enough time before the start of this event to purchase tickets, buy snacks and find your seats ahead of time.POWA has not been given tickets or passes for this screening, and we cannot guarantee seats in the cinema.

Furthermore, remember that WA is still operating under mandatory mask wearing, and one will be required to enter the location.

“Growing up in an orphanage in the British countryside, Earwig has no idea that her mother had magical powers. Her life changes dramatically when a strange couple takes her in, and she is forced to live with a selfish witch. As the headstrong young girl sets out to uncover the secrets of her new guardians, she discovers a world of spells and potions, and a mysterious song that may be the key to finding the family she has always wanted.”

We hope to see you there!

See this event on Facebook, Here

POWA Board Game & RPG Day, 20th February 2021

Location: ECU Joondalup, Rooms 4.236 & 4.237

POWA’s love of board games is coming back bigger and better than ever with the POWA Board Game and RPG Day!

Much like our previous video game events, we’ll be spending the day – 12pm-7pm in ECU Joondalup Rooms 4.236 & 4.237, only this time with board games, card games, strategy games and RPGs. While the Committee will be bringing some games of their own, POWA heavily encourages people to bring their own games, be it a quick distraction or an epic-length adventure.

The two major set events will be RPG sessions run by two of our members:

MAID: The Role Playing Game – Maid is a light comedy anime-themed tabletop role-playing game where players take on the role of maids. The very easy to learn rules-light system, complete with random events which drive the story forward. As with any good anime maid, things aren’t as simple as cleaning the house. (Learn more about MAID)

Fiasco: The Real Magical Girls of Collingwood – Fiasco is a GM-less game, designed to be played in a few hours with six-sided dice and no preparation. During a game, you will engineer and play out stupid, disastrous situations, usually at the intersection of greed, fear, and lust. The “Real Magical Girls of Collingwood” playset will focus on the tropes, character and situations of Magical Girl anime. (Learn more about Fiasco)

These special sessions will take around 5 players on a long-term role-playing adventure. If you’re interested in joining in on either of them, contact the POWA Committee to give the people running them an idea of numbers.

If there are any other games you’ll want to show up, feel free to ask around our community by joining our Discord server.

As always, thanks to the ECU eSports Society for booking our rooms for us.

The Facebook event can be found here.

We hope to see you there!