Tournament of POWA

Coming Soon

For over 10 years, POWA has screened over 100 anime shows. Now it’s time to decide which show from the club’s history captures the hearts and minds of our members more than any other.

Over the next two months, a series of open polls will choose which anime moves forward on a tournament bracket with 120 competing shows, until only one is left. In celebration, the first episodes of the top six shows will be screened in a special event coinciding with 10 years of POWA screenings.

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Each round will be open for one week from its start date.
Round 1-1 – Open Sunday, February 24th – Sunday, March 3rd
Round 1-2 – Open Tuesday, February 26th – Tuesday, March 5th
Round 1-3 – Open Thursday, February 28th – Thursday, March 7th
Round 1-4 – Open Saturday, March 2nd – Saturday, March 9th
Round 1-5 – Open Monday, March 4th – Monday, March 11th
Round 1-6 – Open Wednesday, March 6th – Wednesday, March 13th

Round 2-1 – Open Sunday, March 17th – Sunday, March 24th
Round 2-2 – Open Tuesday, March 19th – Tuesday, Marth 26th

Round 3 – Open Friday, March 29th – Friday, April 5th

More rounds to be revealed later in the tournament.