Location: ECU Joondalup Room 7.101

Welcome back, everyone!
Last week’s deluge of voting on almost every slot we have resulted in a sum total of zero shows being voted out of our line-up – but we do welcome the strange and trippy action slot “Mob Psycho 100” and our cute and fluffy Chill Out “Konohana Kitan” to our line up.

Kantai Collection survived it first vote, while our Mature and Drama slots “Coppelion” and “Kotoura-San” survived their last vote, meaning that we will be following them to their conclusion in the coming weeks.

We will be using room 7.101 at ECU Joondalup – Doors will open at 2:30pm and the screening will start at 3:00, leaving time for people to purchase drinks and snacks for the screening, as well as get settled.

We hope to see you there!


This week’s schedule:

3:00 – Kantai Collection – Episode 5

3:30 – Kotoura San – Episode 9

4:00 – Short Break

4:15 – Konohana Kitan – Episode 2

4:45 – Gabriel Dropout – Episode 10

5:15 – Raffle Draw, then a break

6:00 – Coppelion – Episode 9

6:30 – Mob Psycho 100 – Episode 2

Details for the Facebook event can be found here.