Location: ECU Joondalup Room 7.101

This year of POWA pulls into the final stretch with our third Quarterly Meeting of the 2019 year. POWA is going to go over whats happened over the last few months in particular, and give some inner looks into what we are planning for the last few months of the POWA calendar. We start the meeting early, with the doors to our usual room at ECU Joondalup, room 7.101, opening at Midday. The meeting will run until there is nothing left to say, a length of approximately an hour.

As soon as the meeting ends, though, POWA launches into our summer seasonal preview! This season is jam-packed with interesting shows, and although this seasonal preview is a little later than usual, this screening looks like its going to be a good one. A variety of hand-picked shows, chosen by the POWA committee, will be screened from our sponsors, Animelab and Crunchyroll.

So, if you don’t want to miss any shows, make sure that you arrive early enough, catch the Quaterly Meeting, and in the event we end early, the few extra shows before our regular screening time starts!

As stated, we will be using room 7.101 at ECU Joondalup. Doors will open at midday, followed shortly by the start of the Quaterly Meeting. Drinks, Snacks and POWA Membership will be available for purchase during the screening, as is usual.

We hope to see you there!

This week’s schedule:
12:00 – Doors Open, Meeting starts.

1:XX – Meeting ends

2:30 – Short Break

3:00 – Summer Seasonal Preview

3:30 – Summer Seasonal Preview

4:00 – Short Break

4:15 – Summer Seasonal Preview

4:45 – Summer Seasonal Preview

5:15 – Dinner Break

6:00 – Summer Seasonal Preview

6:30 – Summer Seasonal Preview

Details for the Facebook event can be found here.