Ten Years of POWA, Ten Genres, Ten Hours of Anime.

It’s been ten years since POWA first formed and started watching anime, and in another of our ten year events, we are inviting everyone down to a marathon screening of anime!

POWA has, over its years, changed a lot of its screened genres – we used to have slots for Mecha series, Sports series, Art House series, and several more. As genres came in to and fell out of fashion, some genres fell by the wayside and have become fond memories.

POWA has too, over the years, overlooked several key genres in anime – Romance series, Seinen series and the like – Genres which, for many anime fans, are central to their enjoyment of the medium.

POWA-Thon is bringing these genres into the limelight – we are casting off our tried and true central genres and bringing two episodes, each, of ten genres, old and new.

A total of twenty episodes of anime! This event is, truly, a marathon. But that’s not all – Games, events, challenges and sausage sizzles will be running through the entire event, as well as a new and engaging method of just what shows will be picked for viewing during the day.

Make sure you keep an eye on the POWAClub website and Facebook group in the coming weeks, as more and more details will be coming out about what genres we are going to be watching, the schedule and ordering of the genres, what games and events will be on offer, as well as threads asking you, the public, on what shows you would like to watch.

We hope to see you there!

Its important to keep an eye on the Facebook page for this event, here. Important updates and threads will be appearing on both the website and the Facebook page!