IMPORTANT NOTICE: This week’s POWA Screening will be taking place in a different room to our usual one – we will be meeting at ECU Joondalup, but in Room B19.141. We used this room earlier in the year, back in July, so if you attended that screening you will know where to meet – For anyone else who may need directions, please get in contact with the Committee via Facebook or Discord, and we will be able to provide directions.

Alternativley, try and find your way using one of the following maps, provided by the University itself.

Last screening, after our week off, saw the passing of our Sci-Fi slot’s second and final vote – Meaning Princess Principal will continue in our lineup until its conclusion. So too did our Drama slot’s Ancient Magus Bride pass its third vote, bringing it past its halfway point.

This week brings us its own share of voting, with our new Comedy – Hinamatsuri – reaching its first vote, and our Mature, Parasyte – The Maxim, its fourth.

This screening will take place in room B19.141, not our regular room. Try and arrive a little bit earlier than regularly if you need some help finding it – Our doors will open at 2:30, with the screening itself to start at 3:00. Drinks, Snacks and Membership will be available for purchase during the screening.

Did you know POWA has a discord? If you are interested in joining the group, and taking about our Going Home Club show “A Certain Magical Index”, feel free to join us with the following link.

We hope to see you there!

This week’s schedule:
2:30 – Doors Open

3:00 – Princess Principal – Episode 9

3:30 – Laid-Back Camp – Episode 6

4:00 – Short Break

4:15 – Ancient Magus Bride – Episode 13

4:45 – Hinamatsuri – Episode 4 (Voting!)

5:15 – Raffle Draw, then Dinner Break

6:00 – Parasyte – The Maxim – Episode 16 (Voting!)

6:30 – Assassination Classroom – Episode 18

Details for the Facebook event can be found here.