POWA is trying something a little bit different and new, this time, with a watch-from-home stream of the Girls und Panzer film, “Der Film.”

With the assistance of several online services, including Discord, Getmetastream.com and HiDive, we are planning to start a synchronised stream of the Girls und Panzer film – We are aiming to hit “Play” at 7:30PM on the 16th, assuming everything works well. All those who wish to join would be best to join our Discord ahead of time, if you have not already, to get in direct contact with us so the situation can be easily explained.

The service we will be using is called GetMetaStream.com, which – if done correctly – will allow people to watch the film at a synchronised pace, allowing us to discuss the film live, from the comfort of our own homes.

Girls und Panzer: Der Film is available on HiDive, although not on its free section – that said, HiDive does have a 14 day free trial to new signups, meaning that everyone should be able to join in. If you want to join in on the synchronised stream, you will need HiDive to be active.

That said, if you want to use another service outside of HiDive, you can still join in on the discussion – you just have to be ready to hit “play” on your own service while the main stream starts.

If all goes well with this idea, it may open new avenues for POWA to stream content and to expand on the Going Home Club – so, please, join in on our new frontier.

Some useful links will include:

Our official Discord: https://discord.gg/sj4SrYJ

The service we will be using: https://getmetastream.com/

Girls und Panzer: Der Film on HiDive:

We hope to see you there!