Location: ECU Joondalup Room 7.101

Last week we had the final episode for Joker game. This week we have voting to see if Hanebado, Zombieland saga and Angels of Death both have their first lot of voting. We also have voting for the show to take the place of joker game.

We will be using room 7.101 at ECU Joondalup – doors will open at 2:30, and the screening itself will start at 3:00. Ensure you arrive early enough to buy snacks and food, as well as get settled.
This Week’s Schedule:
3:00 – Hanebado – Episode 8 (Voting)
3:30 – Recovery of an MMO Junkie – Episode 6
4:00 – Short Break
4:15 – Zombieland Saga – Episode 4 (Voting)
4:45 – Symphogear – Episode 9
5:15 – Raffle Draw, then Dinner Break- New Drama show voting
6:00 – New Drama show
6:30 – Angels of Death – Episode 4 (Voting)

Details for the Facebook event can be found at: