Location: ECU Joondalup Room 7.101

POWA is running POWA-THON again as the last one was such a great success. This year we have opportunities for our community to influence how the event will be structured.

This year we are going to be screening anime that have had a game adaptation or have come from a game, we are also going to be screening anime from childhood TV channels such as Toasted TV, Cheese TV . POWA-THON is about bringing these genres into the limelight and celebrating them.

There will be tokens available for you which will allow you to vote on a series of different activities ranging from different anime quizzes to a section of different community games that we will have available for you to pick from. We will also be running a Best Boy/Best Girl competition in a similar style to the one we ran at Madfest last year.

POWA will be using rooms J4.236 & J4.237 at ECU Joondalup.The event will start at 12pm, and run until 8:00pm.
Snacks and food will be available throughout the day to purchase

Details for the Facebook event can be found at: