Location: Joondalup Library, Upstairs Meeting Room

POWA’s regular weekly screenings continue!

Last week, POWA chose to keep in both our fantasy series ‘Yona of the Dawn’ and our action series ‘Assassination Classroom’ as we head into the final arcs of both. This week, members be voting whether to do the same with our mature show ‘Psych-Pass’. We’ll also be reaching the end of our drama shoe ‘Durarara!!’, which will be switching over to a cultural/historical show – keep an eye out for the suggestion thread!

Finally, this week will also bring about changes to the prices of POWA’s shop. In order to balance the books while hiring the library meeting room, we are increasing the price of all food and drink. To make up for this, discounts through buying items together will be available. Full details will be shown during the screening and we’ll have a sheet available with all the info!

Entry for our weekly screenings is $4 for members and $5 for guests. However, your first time is free! We will be in the upstairs meeting room, of Joondalup Library. Our doors will open at the same time as the library – 1:00PM and we will start screening at 1:30PM, leaving you time to find the room and settle down with some drinks and snacks.

This Week’s Schedule:
1:00PM – Library Doors Open
1:30PM – Fruits Basket (2019) – Episode 7 (Slice of Life/Romance/Arthouse)
2:00PM – The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. – Episode 14 (Comedy)
2:30PM – Yona of the Dawn – Episode 21 (Fantasy)
3:00PM – Break & Raffle Draw
3:15PM – Durarara!! – Episode 25 (Drama, Final Episode)
3:45PM – Psycho-Pass – Episode 20 (Mature/Horror/Thriller, Voting)
4:15PM – Assassination Classroom Final Season – Episode 17 (Action)

The Facebook event can be found here.

We hope to see you there!