Location: Joondalup Library, Upstairs Meeting Room

POWA’s regular weekly screenings continue with our first screening of 2023!

POWA makes its long awaited return on January 15th. As we welcome the New Year, POWA is also celebrating 15 years of existence! During the past 15 years, numerous celebrations of our history and anime in general have taken place. Whether you’re a long time member, new, or guest; We hope to share more wonderful memories with you into the future.

We hope everyone’s had a great summer holiday break. POWA is ready to welcome everyone back in strong form with a return to our weekly line-up of six awesome anime shows. This week will include a heavy round of voting on FOUR shows. ‘Hinomaru Sumo’, ‘Comic Girls’, ‘Kanon’ and ‘Claymore’. With ‘Fruits Basket Season 2’ surviving it’s most recent and final vote.

A new anime season has also been welcomed in, Winter 2023. That we will be previewing later this month on January 29th. So stay tuned for that!

Entry for our weekly screenings is $4 for members and $5 for guests. However, your first time is free! Every entry prior to our break receives a raffle ticket for a weekly prize. We will be in the upstairs meeting room, of Joondalup Library. Our doors will open at the same time as the library – 1:00PM and we will start screening at 1:30PM, leaving you time to find the room and settle down with some drinks and snacks.

This Week’s Schedule:
1:00PM – Library Doors Open
1:30PM – Comic Girls – Episode 4 (Comedy, Voting)
2:00PM – Fruits Basket 2nd Season – Episode 21 (Slice of Life/Romance)
2:30PM – Log Horizon – Episode 13 (Fantasy)
3:00PM – Break & Raffle draw
3:15PM – Hinomaru Sumo – Episode 16 (Sports/Games, Voting)
3:45PM – Kanon – Episode 4 (Drama, Voting)
4:15PM – Claymore – Episode 12 (Mature/Horror/Thriller, Voting)

We hope to see you there!
The Facebook event can be found here.

Happy New Year 2023!