Terms and Conditions for use of the POWA Anime Club Library open to members only

As a member of POWA I agree to the following by placing a deposit and borrowing from the POWA Library:
– Borrowed material (DVD, manga, game, book etc) will be for personal use only.
– All borrowed material will be kept in original condition.
– Sub-lending of borrowed material to another person is impermissible, be it another POWA member or not.
– To return all borrowed material within three (3) weeks of borrowing said material unless otherwise agreed with the Committee.
– To pay a cash deposit sum decided as the Committee sees fit, which will be returned when the borrowed material is returned in original condition and on time.
– The Committee has the final say in all Library based decisions.
– All POWA Executive committee members possess Equal power for Library based decisions.

Failure to comply with the above may result in:
– Loss of some or all of the deposit sum.
– Library use rights may be revoked

Borrowing prices for POWA Library
Manga or Magazines $5 a piece to a maximum of four items
Anime DVD $10 one per lend
Anime Blu-ray $15 one per lend

Anything else to be confirmed by the committee at the time of lending

The POWA committee member processing your request to borrow from the library maintains the authority
over the maximum number of items that can be taken by any person at any time, for example, you may not be
permitted to lend a Blu-ray and a DVD in the same week, this is down to committee discretion.

In the event that your membership expires before the term of the loan is complete you will be required to hold
active membership to refund any money held by POWA Anime club.
For further information, please speak to a committee member