Due to circumstances beyond our control, POWA will not have access to the ECU internet this coming screening. As such, our regularly scheduled shows will not be shown tomorrow and possibly next week as well.

Instead, this Sunday the 10th of June we will be screening a special selection of shows from our own DVD/Blu-Ray library. The exact details are still up in the air but we hope it’ll be an interesting look at some classics and not so classics.

We apologise for the short notice on this and hope to return to our regular schedule either next week or after Supernova.

This Week’s Screening

2:30PM – Doors Open

3:00PM – Something from our library
3:30PM – Something else from our library

4:00PM – Short break

4:15PM – Another thing from our library
4:45PM – Yet again, something from our library

Long break

6:00PM – You know the drill now
6:30PM – You guessed it, something from our library

We hope to see you then!

Details for the Facebook event can be found here.