POWA Screening Slot Changes

POWA New Genres

POWA is changing its weekly screening slots. Just a little.

Thanks to member feedback, the committee has decided to clarify and adapt some older slot titles and descriptions, as well as introduce some new ones that will rotate in and out the same way that Sci-Fi and Fantasy has done for years.
We hope these changes will diversify not only our line-up but also the suggestions for shows that members can bring to the table. Here is a recap of the big changes:

Slice of Life, Romance & Arthouse
The old “Chillout” slot has been redefined for the New Year – replacing it is the new “Slice Of Life, Romance & Arthouse slot”. While this might not seem like a large change at first, in truth, it might be a large one. Opening up “Romance” will allow more dramatic romantic series to exist in our lineup, and while Slice of Life series are usually very chill, they are not universally so. Art-house series are best defined by series that are in some way artistic or experimental, rather than just merely entertaining. There will be a lot of overlap in this redefined slot, but you may find yourself thinking of new shows that mightn’t have fit the old “Chillout” definition.

Cultural & Historical
Cultural and Historical series will draw significant influence from time periods, or aspects of time periods, that are not strictly considered “Modern” as well as series that draw influence from folklore, mythological figures, and/or aspects of cultures that would appear foreign to us. Cultural and Historical will alternate with Drama series, similar to how our Fantasy/Sci-Fi switch currently works.

Mature, Thriller & Horror
Mature is being reworked slightly to include the extra descriptors of “Thriller & Horror”. Thriller and Horror genres are about edge-of-your-seat tension, although the eventual climax of the tension generally comes from and results in different emotions. Deepening mysteries, thickening atmosphere, rising action and higher stakes – these are things that would be at hope in the Thriller and Horror genre slot.

“Sports” genre shows will feature one or more skill based activity – most often, a physical sport, such as tennis, basketball or a martial art, but also includes non-physical sports, with the likes of Chess and Mah-jong. POWA has previously had a sports genre slot, and examples of the shows we have watched are available on our MAL page. POWA’s Sports slot will trade-out with our Action slot after each show, similarly to how our Fantasy/Sci-Fi switch currently works.

Feel free to contact POWA with any questions regarding these changes. We look forward to watching even more anime with you all into the new year.