Location: ECU Joondalup, Room 7.101

Last week, our Fantasy series ‘Yona of the Dawn’ and our Action series ‘Assassination Classroom’ stayed in our line-up, as decided by member vote.
This week, after a dramatic episode 11, we head into the second half of ‘Psycho-Pass’ with a vote to decide if we’ll keep watching.

It’s also as close to April Fools as we’ll be getting so… expected a surprise or two.

Entry for our weekly screenings is $3 for members and $4 for guests. However, your first time is free! We will be at Room 7.101, ECU Joondalup. The doors open at 2:30PM, but the screening starts at 3:00PM, leaving time for you to get settled and buy drinks and snacks.

This Week’s Schedule:
2:30 – Doors Open
3:00PM – Ascendance of a Bookworm – Episode 13 (Slice of Life/Romance/Arthouse)
3:30PM – The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. – Episode 6 (Comedy)
4:00PM – Short Break
4:15PM – Yona of the Dawn – Episode 13 (Fantasy)
4:45PM – Durarara!! – Episode 18 (Drama)
5:15PM – Long Break & Raffle Draw
6:00PM – Psycho-Pass – Episode 12 (Mature/Horror/Thriller, Voting)
6:30PM – Assassination Classroom Second Season – Episode 9 (Action)

As always, thanks to the ECU eSports Society for booking our rooms for us.

The Facebook event can be found here.

We hope to see you there!