POWA is working on a big collaborative project, open to all members of the community!

We are looking for articles, reviews, essays, short stories, art and everything in between – anything related to our love and passion for anime, otaku or general fandom culture. We’re hoping to compile the various efforts by the community into a regular magazine, published both online and in print.

It will be a great way to share with other members of the community, stretch creative and analytical muscles and create a time capsule of the year each volume is published. All content will be wholly owned by its creators and they will be credited however they choose to be.

The POWA Committee will serve as editors for the project and will work with members to finalise every idea brought to us. Exact plans for the length and format will be decided as community members bring forward content.

Discussion of ideas, suggestions and progress on Fanzine content will be ongoing in the #powa-creates room of our Discord server. We welcome all ideas and content, provided it fits within POWA’s content guidelines!

Below is an example of what a fanzine from POWA could look like, including ideas for content the community could offer. Please note that neither the layout of the magazine itself nor the article example inside is necessarily representative of the final version.