Location: Joondalup Library, Upstairs Meeting Room

POWA’s regular weekly screenings continue!

Last week, we voted to keep watching ‘Fruits Basket’ and ‘Hinomaru Sumo’. Unfortunately, our Sci-Fi series ‘From the New World’ was not as lucky. You can uncover the rest of the mysteries of Sage Academy yourself on Crunchyroll but for now, a new Fantasy show is needed to replace it!

Threads are open on our Facebook group and website to suggest shows in the genre. Also, this week we’ll vote whether ‘Chihayafuru’ continues because these things are always stacked together. Finally, we will have to say goodbye to the intense action and off-colour humour of ‘Golden Kamuy’ this week – a new Mature series will need to replace it come September 4th. Speaking of…

POWA will be attending Perth’s brand new animation and gaming expo: Pixel Expo on Saturday, September 3rd! Look out for us at our table and the Crunchyroll Anime Screening Room, which we’ll be running. We’ll be running our traditional best boy/best girl vote and offering discounted memberships of $5. Learn more about Pixel on their Facebook event.

POWA is also working on a collaborative project! The POWA “Fanzine” will compile articles, essays, reviews, creative writing, art and everything in between into a published magazine. Interested in joining in? Learn more here.

Entry for our weekly screenings is $4 for members and $5 for guests. However, your first time is free! Every entry prior to our break receives a raffle ticket for a weekly prize. We will be in the upstairs meeting room, of Joondalup Library. Our doors will open at the same time as the library – 1:00PM and we will start screening at 1:30PM, leaving you time to find the room and settle down with some drinks and snacks.

This Week’s Schedule:
1:00PM – Library Doors Open
1:30PM – My Next Life as a Villainess X – Episode 6 (Comedy)
2:00PM – Chihayafuru – Episode 16 (Cultural/Historical, Voting)
2:30PM – Fruits Basket 2nd Season – Episode 9 (Slice of Life/Romance/Arthouse)
3:00PM – Voting for new series, break & raffle draw
3:15PM – NEW Fantasy Series
3:45PM – Hinomaru Sumo – Episode 5 (Sports/Games)
4:15PM – Golden Kamuy 3rd Season – Episode 12 (Mature/Horror/Thriller, Final Episode)

The Facebook event can be found here.

We hope to see you there!