Location: Joondalup Library, Upstairs Meeting Room

POWA’s exciting weekly screenings continue!

It’s the final week of our first extended break trial. Whether we continue this format or not is yet to be decided. It will likely come down to a vote by members or decided by the committee. More details next week.

No voting this week. Log Horizon is fast approaching its final episode. There are sequels but the slot will be rotating over to Sci-Fi, so it may receive an auto nomination. Early Sci-Fi suggestion threads are up on Discord.

Next week there’s a lot of voting. The dramatic-duo, Fruits Basket and Kanon are up. Are we ready for more tears? Also our latest addition the action-packed Akudama Drive is up for its first vote. Will they survive this mission?

This Week’s Schedule:
1:00PM – Open
1:30PM – Log Horizon – Episode 24 (Fantasy)
2:00PM – Fruits Basket: The Final – Episode 7 (SoL/Romance)
2:30PM – Kanon – Episode 15 (Drama)
3:00PM – Extended Break trial(4/4) & Raffle
3:45PM – Akudama Drive – Episode 3 (Action)
4:15PM – Claymore – Episode 23 (Mature)

We hope to see you there and happy Mother’s Day!

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