Important Announcement Regarding POWA’s Future

It was recently brought to POWA’s attention that the ECU eSports Society will no longer be allowed to book rooms at ECU for us. This decree has from the Student Guild itself, who feel they can no longer justify letting POWA use their services while being unaffiliated with them. For those who do not know, since losing Guild affiliation in early 2020, POWA has relied on the eSports Society to book all ECU rooms for us, for which we continue to offer sincere thanks.

With this being cut off, all currently planned POWA events at ECU Joondalup are cancelled immediately. This includes our upcoming weekly screening on Sunday, April 18. As such, POWA will once again be going on hiatus.

As the Student Guild has stated their unwillingness to assist us further in attaining the criteria needed for re-affiliation, we are also disappointed to announce the end of our relationship with ECU after over a decade. Events may still be run at the campus, but not in any regular capacity for the foreseeable future.

The Committee was always aware of this possibility, and through the help of the wonderful POWA community have become vastly more prepared for this than we were during our 2020 hiatus. The Committee are currently exploring a few solid avenues that may be able to get us up and running as early as May.

In addition, POWA has a number of online events ready to go as a way to tide everyone over, including improved online screenings and gaming events. We are sorry to ask for your patience and support for the second year in a row, but just like last time, these are the things that can keep this community going.

To keep up with online POWA events, the best place to go would be our community Discord server.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us through the Discord, our Facebook, our website, or our email.